Meet Bright Spot's OT

When I first decided I wanted to delve into private practice, I knew I wanted Bright Spot to offer Occupational Therapy Services. I see great value in the profession of Occupational Therapy and I have always been excited to collaborate with OTs. I believe that collaboration is and an essential part of my profession and can lead to better outcomes for clients. Elizabeth's positive and compassionate personality, wealth of knowledge, and her clinical experience, made her the perfect addition to the Bright Spot team. I truly enjoy every opportunity to hear other professionals' stories about the trajectory of their careers and their most memorable experiences. I wish more people could hear some o

How Winging It Won the Day

Today was a long and full day of therapy and it was also one of my best and most memorable therapy days! I was seeing several kids today and unfortunately had forgotten to bring the bag I had packed for the last child (and was more than an hour out of town). So with 2 minutes to spare I whipped together one of the best lessons ever! To all those SLPs out there that have ever panicked about prepping for a crazy day or for those traveling SLPs who don't want to carry their entire office, here are some activities I used (that you can use too). All you need is paper and a pen, or crayons/markers if you have them. 1. Homemade Game Board: You can draw a path with squares and rip up pieces of paper

10 Myths About Reading Books with Your Child

1. Bedtime is the best time to read books Incorporating shared book reading into your child's bedtime routine is wonderful, but don't limit yourself to one time of the day. Books can, and should, be read all throughout the day! 2. You have to read all the words on the page Depending on your child's stage of development, reading the words on the page is not as important as engaging your child in the book. Reading the words on the page begins to become more important after around age 2. Even after age 2, you do not need to read every word, but should begin to highlight important words (e.g., words that rhyme). Here are the important reading goals at each stage (Paul & Norbury, 2012): 0-2 years

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