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Communication Disorders Assistant - Sudbury


Catherine Maclean, Reg.CDAAC, Reg.OSLA

Catherine has been working as a Communicative Disorders Assistant for close to twenty years.  She is registered and in good standing with the Communicative Disorders Assistant Association, Speech-Language & Audiology Canada, The Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologists, the Ontario Brain Injury Association and the Geneva Centre for Autism.

Catherine gained her experience working within the acute, rehabilitation, school and home settings. She has worked with all populations.  She provides speech, language, fluency, literacy, social and cognitive communication, augmentative and alternative communication interventions to both adult and pediatric populations. She is trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Catherine provides services for North Bay, Sturgeon Falls, Manitoulin Island, Espanola, Sudbury, and surrounding areas. 

She provides education and integrated services as part of many land-based schools.


Services can be individual, group, or completed through teletherapy.


Catherine has a strong working relationship with the children’s agencies and rehabilitation services providers in the areas she services. She works with these supports to provide professional development, collaborative goal working models, and train the trainer education sessions.


Catherine is an active member, and Board Director of the Brain Injury Association of Sudbury.  She works with clients who have sustained catastrophic and non-catastrophic brain injuries. 


The intervention and services Catherine provides through Bright Spot Therapy Services are under the direct supervision of a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Catherine is a progressive CDA, recognizing the need for functional services and care within Northeastern Ontario.

Catherine Maclean

Communication Disorders Assistant

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