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Service Fees


Our rates are in line with the recommended fee schedule for Speech-Language Pathologists, Communication Disorders Assistants, Occupational Therapists, and Psychologists. The rates reflect the high level of skill that our clinician's possess. As a clinic we spend exorbitant amounts on professional development to ensure that we provide our clients with the highest level of service. Bright Spot's fees help to cover the overhead costs of running a clinic, such as rent, administrative staff, office supplies, test materials, toys/equipment, training, insurance, college dues, etc. These fees also allow us to pay our clinical team fairly to allow us to retain experienced clinicians. 

Our service fees are often covered by extended health benefits, the Ontario Autism Program, WSIB, Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance, Jordan's Principle, and Metis Nation of Ontario. 

Clients/families are expected to check with their benefits provider first and are responsible for the cost of sessions. 

If you are unsure whether you have coverage for SLP/OT/Psychology services, or you are unsure how to complete an application with a third party payer (e.g., Jordan's Principle) please feel free to contact our office. We would be happy to help you.

If the fees associated with services create a significant financial burden on your family, please consider applying for a speech scholarship. We offer a minimum of 5 speech scholarships to families each year. These scholarships fully cover the cost of an assessment and a block of services. We strive to increase the number of speech scholarships we offer each year in an effort to make services more accessible.

SLP & OT & Psychotherapy Hourly Rates

CDA/ Therapy Assistant Hourly Rate


School or Home Visit Fee


45min (includes 30min direct time, and 15min indirect time): $130

1hr (includes 45min direct time and 15 min indirect time): $165

**add HST for psychotherapy services


45min (includes 30min direct time and 15min indirect time): $110

1hr (includes 45min direct time and 15min indirect time): $130


Articulation (speech sounds) only:


Early Language (under 3 years of age):


Full assessment (includes speech, language, and/or literacy):


First Visit Fee (if you have had an assessment completed in the last year, we will use the report as a starting point):


Cognitive Communication Assessment:

starts at $640.00

Feeding Assessment:

starts at $295.00

Occupational Therapy Assessment:



Psychoeducational Assessment: 


Autism Assessment: 



10-15km from clinic (1 way):

SLP add $90  (CDA/TA add $75)

*includes schools in Porcupine and South Porcupine

<10km from clinic:

SLP add $65  (CDA/TA add $55)

*includes schools in Timmins

For travel exceeding 15km (1 way), clients will be billed the clinician's hourly rate and mileage (CRA rate of $0.70/km)

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