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"I Love You" More Than Words Can Say

For mother's day this year, I know so many mothers out there would love nothing more than to hear their child say "I love you" for the first time. Whether your child has autism, language delays, speech sound challenges, or another disability, saying "I love you" might be a struggle for your child.

Even if your child is not yet able to say "I love you," I wanted to share with you all the other ways that children say "I love you" without words. Here is a little poem written from the perspective of a non-verbal (or minimally verbal) child just for you...

Mommy, I may not be able to use words to say I love you

But I tell you every day...

Just in a different way

Every time I am soothed by your voice

Every time I smile when I see your face

Every time I seek your attention

Every time I have a meltdown because you are my safe space

Every time I feel free to be me

Every time I show you my work

Every time we snuggle

Every time I point out things I want you to see

Every time I reach for you

Every time I share my toys or my food with you

I wish I could tell you in words

But I hope that you know

No words could fully capture

Just how much I love you so


Your child

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