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What is a psychoeducational assessment?

A psychoeducational assessment provides in-depth information regarding your child/youth’s
thinking and learning abilities, in addition to their academic and social emotional functioning.
This information is based on data from psychometric testing and information provided by
parents and other professionals involved with your child.

A written report is provided and outlines assessment results, diagnostic considerations,
referrals to applicable services, and practical suggestions on how to build upon your
child/youth’s areas of strength and how to work on areas of need.

How can a psychoeducational assessment help?

A psychological assessment can be used to:

  • Give detailed information regarding your child/youth’s strengths and areas of need;

  • Provide suggestions on what learning strategies, accommodations, or modificationswould be appropriate for your child at school;

  • Assist in identification of your child as an Exceptional Pupil in the Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) process at school;

  • Assist in development of your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP);

  • Provide suggestions on how to build upon your child/youth’s strengths and interests;

  • Provide suggestions regarding how to address social, emotional, or behavioural concerns both at home and school;

  • Provide documentation of a diagnosis for access to support services or benefits, asappropriate (ex: Special Services at Home, Disability Tax Credit).

Where are the assessments completed?

Assessments are typically completed at our Timmins office, however we will sometimes complete the assessment at school or in other communities under special circumstances. 

How much does the assessment process cost?


A flat fee is charged for the entire assessment, which includes all appointments, report writing,
and feedback meeting. Some or all of the assessment costs may be covered under extended
health benefits (it is important that you check with your benefits provider before the assessment as clients are responsible for the cost whether or not their benefits provider will cover the cost - Bright Spot can provide an estimate for services upon request).

Who does the assessment?

  • Parts of the assessment will be completed by a psychometrist, under the supervision of a clinical psychologist. The psychometrist will provide services in-person. The psychologist will provide services virtually.

  • The clinical psychologist will also complete parts of the assessment, will interview the family and teacher, will analyze the results of the assessment, and will provide the diagnosis and recommendations. The clinical psychologist may meet with the child/family in-person or through tele-practice (computer), whichever allows for families to have the shortest wait time.

  • Learn more about our clinicians here

Where can I find more information or book an appointment?

Please email us at to arrange a phone call to discuss your child's specific needs. 

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